Prime Minister A. Butkevičius: Lithuania – land of bright minds and
favourable business conditions
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On Thursday Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with Yusuf K. Hamied, Chairman of the Board of the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla, during his visit to Lithuania.

Possible cooperation and investment in Lithuania were discussed in the meeting. “The brightest of minds come from our land – you yourself are a great example of that. And the conditions for business development that we created during the ten years of our membership in the European Union are among the best in the world,” said the Head of Government A. Butkevičius.

Alminas Mačiulis

"The task of the Office of the Government is to assist the Government and the Prime Minister in discharge of pertinent functions."
(Rules of Procedure, Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania)

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